Rodent Extermination

Rodent Extermination

Termite Treatments

Termite Treatments

Flea Contamination

Flea Contamination

Termigone Exterminators, Inc.

Anaheim, CA

We are a termite and pest control service company that provides a wide array of termite control solutions at a competitive price for excellent, quality service. TermiGONE and its affiliate, Termicon Pest Management, currently have two office locations and 8 dedicated inspectors. We service the Orange and Los Angeles Counties. After each assessment, we recommend the most suitable treatment for each unique home, providing the best service as well as peace of mind to the homeowner. The treatments we provide include, but are not limited to, whole structure fumigation with Vikane gas and Termidor Perimeter treatment for both subterranean and drywood termites. Our experience and research has shown that local treatment with Termidor is more effective than Orange Oil because of its unique Transfer Effect®. Termites do not need to ingest or contact the termiticide in order to die from it. All they need to do is make contact with another termite that has already contacted or ingested Termidor. We take great pride in our work and have successfully ridding homes of termites and pest, one neighborhood at a time.

Pest Control Services You Can Rely On

As a full service Anaheim exterminator, Termigone can make short work of pesky pests invading your home.

The mild Anahiem climate attracts visitors and new residents from around the country. Who wouldn't want to live, play and work here? Unfortunately, these same salubrious conditions make our area a prime breeding ground for bugs, fleas, mosquitoes, rodents and a host of other unwanted pests.

At Termigone Exterminators Inc., we're serious about keeping our clients' homes and families safe from the dangers of potentially harmful pests. With just one call to our service line, you can have a trained pest control technician dispatched to your location to help you win the battle against that invading army of bugs, mice, wasps or other pests.

Our trained Termigone inspectors and applicators can help you with:

Termite treatments
Bed bug eradication
Rodent prevention & extermination
Flea contamination

Measured pest control process to meet your individual needs

Your Termigone pest control technician will start by inspecting your Anaheim property inside and out to determine the nature and scope of the problem and devising a plan for dealing with it. We'll look for any damage caused by invading pests, paying close attention to your walls and other structural elements of your home.

We'll then sit down with you to explain your options for dealing with the problem. We can tailor our pest eradication service to meet the needs of your family members and lifestyle; we offer earth-friendly solutions and localized treatments to minimize the impact on your family members and the environment.

To find out more about what Termigone can do to get your pest control problem under control, call us now at (800) 747-8008. We look forward to being of service!

Termite Inspection

Don't allow the invisible threat of termites to damage your home beyond repair. Let Termigone do an inspection.

Check out these two rare Queen Termites we discovered on a job!

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You may use the form below to request a pest control or termite inspection or appointment. Someone will reach out following your submission in response to your request. Thank you for using Termigone Exterminators Inc.!
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