Termite Control

Don't allow termites to damage your home

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In the pest control trade, termites are known as "the hidden bug threat." That's because a thriving termite colony can remain invisible to the homeowner, merrily eating away at wooden structural elements until extensive damage is done. Such damage can necessitate costly repairs – or even render your structure completely beyond repair.

Don't let termites destroy your happy home. Call the termite control experts at Termigone to schedule a careful inspection of your home for signs of termite infestation or damage. With proper treatment, your home can be rendered safe from the destructive menace of termites, and you can sleep easy at night knowing your property is protected.


The treatments we provide include, but are not limited to: whole structure fumigation with Vikane gas and Termidor Perimeter treatment for both subterranean and drywood termites. Our experience and research has shown that local treatment with Termidor is more effective than Orange Oil because of its unique Transfer Effect®. Termites do not need to ingest or come in contact with the termiticide in order to be exterminated. All they need to do is make contact with another termite that has already been in contact with or ingested Termidor.

If you've noticed signs that your home may have a termite problem—or if you'd just like to put your mind at ease—call the termite inspection and control professionals at Termigone today to schedule service at (800) 747-8008.